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Data Science as a Service from the team @ EssentialNET

Data Science and Your Business

As the EssentialNET Data Science Team we constantly look at how data can be used by a business to improve its performance in many areas and have come up with what we believe to be an industry leading highly flexible solution designed around you and your business.

VisionAnalyseUnlockLeverage & LearnTransform

Data Science as a Service

DSaaS allows the team at EssentialNET to engage with our customers who need Data Analytics and Data Science to be applied to thier business but do not have the inherent desire or skills to do it them selves. For this we again use V.A.U.L.T to enable the joint team to get the results that will help to transform the business to meet its vision.



It is important to understand the companies MISSION and VISION from the business perspective as this helps to define the data analytics strategy for your organisation.


As a team we need to ANALYSE your business needs along with the data that you require, be that internal, external, structured, semi-structured or unstructured, in order to buid a plan for the right data – not just collecing all data.


Once we have built the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) back end to match the initial requirements we need to UNLOCK the potential of that data for your organisation.

Leverage & Learn

It is important that we LEVERAGE the data we are bringing in to benefit your company. But it is equally important that we LEARN from that data and continue to train the machine learning algorithms to ensure that we are getting the best out of any moels we develop for you.


The whole goal of DSaaS is to ensure that the output we provide you is helful in enabling you to TRANSFORM your business and then helping you to continue with further transformations.

Datascience as an Appliance

As the EssentialNET Data Science Team we have put together a solution that we call EssentialNET Datascience as an Appliance (ESSDSaaA). Whilst this could easily be in the cloud (and it can be if that is what is required) we believe that most customers want their Data and Analytics in their back yard ( DataCentre).

So that is what we have done. We have created an appliance that is the architecture required for the solution. This can be provided as a fully resilient solution (dual appliance) if required.

We provide this solution as a rolling service to ensure we give you a continual improvement throughout our relationship together. we believe strongly in continual improvement and that we need to bring that to this service so that your business can fly.

How can we help you on your DSaaS Journey?

We work with you to understand your business needs and design the solution that works best for you based on the Vertica solution (and supporting infrastructure such as Kafka and a suitable reporting package (such as Tableau) if required), assuming it is the appropriate fit for what you are needing to achieve