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We Create Awesome Stuff for TELCOs, MVNOs & ISPs

EssentialNET has built ESSIXPA as a flexible application designed to help Telcos and Enterprise customers in a number of formats, whether that is data analytics and visualisation or as a full subscription management and billing environment. We are always working with our customers, thinking, developing and enhancing ESSIXPA to deliver the best business focused solution that we can.

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Business & Telco Analytics
Using Vertica at the core.

ESSIXPA bases its advanced business and telecom analytics on Vertica Datawarehouse and Machine Learning.
ESSIXPA backs off the relevent data either directly or via Kafka to the Vertica environment where we can then produce the analytics that you as a business require to give you the edge.
This can be of great advantage to a marketing department looking to understand usage behaviour across their network for instance.

Subscription Management & Billing the way you need it for your business.

ESSIXPA is designed in a modular format with an advanced API and import toolset.

As such we can take data in the format you require and work with it in the most appropriate manner that works for your business to manage your subscriber environment. We integrate heavily with solutions such as Sandvine which gives us a two way format that allows us to take action on a subscriber or group of subscribers, such as blocking a subscriber when the subscription is used up. We can also provision subscribers and subscriber fields as required.

Essixpa has an advanced GUI for non API management.

Taking real time action when it counts – It’s what you do that counts.
ESSIXPA has both an API and advanced integration capabilities with solutions such as Sandvine.

This means that for a given situation we can take an action against a subscriber, group of subscribers, or other combinations. An example of this is acting as a back off mechanism during busy periods or period where a piece of network equipment is faulty. We can understand the issue in hand and apply weighted fair queuing for that group of affected users during the fault or busy period so that they get fair access to the services during this period, and then revert back to normal behaviour post this.

Application Integration –
API and third party solutions.

Whilst ESSIXPA stands up as a solution in its own right, it has advanced API, importing and dedicated integration capabilities.

It has a deep integration with the Sandvine solution set and advanced capabilities such as per subscriber content filtering.

Architected for You

ESSIXPA is an advanced solution with an incredibly flexible and modular architecture that allows us to adapt the solution to fit what you need to do as a business. Under the hood it uses some of the worlds best technology to allow us to take advantage of the right database for the right activity and advanced machine learning tools to produce the right results, whether that is business or telco based analytics, subscription management or billing amongst many other things.

Why EssentialNET

A technically led team of diverse experts each of which brings differing skills and experiences and thus helps to create an exceedingly creative and forward thinking team. We have all been on the customer side of the fence and as such design with the customer at the heart of everything we do. ESSIXPA is designed around our customers – not forcing our customers to fit our model.

How can we help you on your Data Journey?

We work with you to understand your business needs and design the solution that works best for you based on the Vertica solution (and supporting infrastructure such as Kafka and a suitable reporting package (such as Tableau) if required), assuming it is the appropriate fit for what you are needing to achieve