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Vertica in Partnership with EssentialNET

Vertica is the Uniformed Data Analytics Platform of choice for todays world.
The future belongs to the fast, and Vertica delivers the fastest, most scalable advanced analytics platform, forever independent from underlying infrastructure.
Vertica’s SQL Data Warehouse is trusted by the world’s leading data-driven companies, including Cerner, Etsy, Intuit, Uber and more to deliver speed, scale and reliability on mission-critical analytics. Vertica combines the power of a high-performance, massively parallel processing SQL query engine with advanced analytics and machine learning so you can unlock the true potential of your data with no limits and no compromises.

Machine LearningColumnar StorageMassivley Parallel ProcessingAdvanced CompressionOptimised Projections

Why EssentialNET & Vertica

EssentialNET have a highly skilled team who reguarily push the boundaries when it comes to technology and Vertica is no exception. The EssentialNET team can and will deliver a solution to your databasing problems where Vertica is the appropriate solution to the issue with a level of skill, care and thinking outside the box that is second to none working hand in hand with the team at Vertica.


Analyse All of your Data

No longer move data or settle for siloed views. Access a single platform for data warehouse modernization and data lake exploration.

Achieve Scale and Performance

Fear of growing data volumes and users is a thing of the past. Complex questions get responses quickly, while scaling data and users linearly.

Future-Proof Your Analytics

Data storage decisions made today won’t impact your ability to execute in the future. Evolve as requirements change or new technologies emerge.

Architected for Performance

Remove scale, performance, and capacity constraints with a platform architected from day one to handle the largest data volumes and most demanding workloads. Vertica delivers 10-50x faster performance or more compared to legacy systems.

What could you achieve with 50x faster analytics?

How can we help you on your Data Journey?

We work with you to understand your business needs and design the solution that works best for you based on the Vertica solution (and supporting infrastructure such as Kafka and a suitable reporting package (such as Tableau) if required), assuming it is the appropriate fit for what you are needing to achieve