For many Altnets, Trustpilot’s measure of customer satisfaction is an important marketing tool.   However, take a close look and you’ll see that customer service and the physical installation experience have been the major factors driving the scores, meaning this mostly reflect the customer on-boarding experience.   No one is perfect, but scores show that across the industry many Altnets have succeeded in building an “Excellent” reputation, albeit primarily for connecting their customers to fibre broadband.

Maintain a Good Reputation

Maintaining your reputation, vitally important for on-going growth, means keeping customers satisfised as they consume the service day in and day out.   This is no less a challenge, and an increasing number of poor reviews, already point to the need for Altnets to get this right:

How to measure Customer Satisfaction?

Clearly, customers judge their satisfaction based on connectivity and performance of the apps that they use. Be it entertainment, communication, commerce, collaboration, gaming or in fact any application, customers just want it to work flawlessly.   As a result, customer satisfaction is directly tied to application quality of experience (QoE).   So how do Altnets know if their service is meeting customer needs, what metrics do they have to track application QoE? How can they optimise network investments to maintain customer satisfaction?

Essentialnet and Sandvine solving the customer satisfaction problem

Essentialnet has partnered with Sandvine for over 10 years and have unrivalled experience in the UK. Sandvine provide a best-in-class suite of tools to analyse and categorise application usage, and measure key metrics that reveal a customer’s application QoE.   We help our customers extract the information they need and use this across their business to drive customer satisfaction and profitability. Sandvine systems accurately categorise more than 95% of all traffic into different categories

This means that for each subscriber, the solution can reveal the actual user experience being delivered by your network.  You can use this to proactively fix issues before your customers complain AND to have meaningful conversations with them, if they do call.

If you’re an Altnet, concerned about maintaining customer satisfaction, we’d love to share more information with you, please get in touch.  You can reach us at