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We reimagine technology.

As a creative team of technical experts, we love finding best of breed technologies, combining and wrapping them in our top notch EssentialNET services to be applied to your real business environment where we can make a difference to how your business functions.

We Listen

Every project that we have been involved in over the past 16 years has started in the same way. A listening, fact finding phase where we get together to find out the real problems, issues, drivers and business objectives. We need to know your business well enough to make good, sound business recommendations. To do this, we need to ask some questions. Those questions quite often raise more questions. Yes. We are thorough. We challenge the ordinary and the established way of thinking to open up new and innovative ways of solving problems that businesses face.

We Analyse

The world has changed and our teams have adapted to the new virtualised office environment. But we still kick off our analytics phase of any project in the same way – via a whiteboard, albeit a virtual one these days. The innovation, development, application, vendor, distributor and the customer experience teams are all on hand to give input and dig deep to find the right solution for your situation. We have all been in the business long enough to know there are several ways to skin a cat. Often there are many moving parts where several different technologies need to work together to make a cohesive solution. Our proposed solution has to be 100% fit for purpose.

We Solve

Where possible, we set aside time for a face to face whiteboard session. This is where we will present our findings from the listen & analyse phases to you. Although, to be fair sometimes, during the session new ideas often come to light which we explore together in more depth. No stone is left unturned. We will work closely with your team to ensure any potential consequences of implementing a solution are clearly understood. This collaboration between your team and ours and between all technologies involved continues throughout the project. Like a hand in a glove.

The big picture

How we help our customers & would like to help you

Our Process

Your EssentialNET Journey.

Working in partnership with our customers is a journey, but whilst there is a destination, it is not one that we want to have an end.


Build Trust

Before we can start any journey we have to have TRUST. EssentialNET understands that this is a quality that is earned, and rightly so.


Shared Vision

For the journey to be successful we have to have a mutual understanding of your business vision and the technology requirements to meet that need. This is how a real partnership is forged – a shared and joined up vision


True Partnership

This is the nirvanah that we are aiming for, both teams in perfect harmony.

Sandvine Customer
Sandvine & ESSIXPA Customer
Nutanix Customer

" The team at EssentialNET have taken the Sandvine solution to a greater elavation "

" ESSIXPA has bought a series of additional dimensions to the Sandvine solution allowing us to personalise the service we give to our customers "

" The best thing since sliced bread delivered with classic EssentialNET high quality service. "

Why Choose EssentialNET?

We care about what we do for our customers.

It is simply not enough just to sell you a solution. We have to fully understand what you as a business need the solution to do in order to deliver effectively. From this we can tailor the solution to exactly what will help to make your business a success.

  • We are a highly skilled technical team – top to bottom.
  • We will not fail to deliver for our customers.
  • We work as a genuine tusted partner to your business.
  • Our vendors and customers are our best references.


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