Altnets – Building and Maintaining Customer Satisfaction

For many Altnets, Trustpilot’s measure of customer satisfaction is an important marketing tool.   However, take a close look and you’ll see that customer service and the physical installation experience have been the major factors driving the scores, meaning this mostly reflect the customer on-boarding experience.   No one is perfect, but scores show that across the industry many Altnets have succeeded in building an “Excellent” reputation, albeit primarily for connecting their customers to fibre broadband. Maintain a Good Reputation Maintaining your reputation, vitally important for on-going growth, means keeping customers satisfised as they consume the service day in and day out.   […]

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Winning the Switch to Fibre Broadband

Everywhere we go in the UK, streets are being dug up to lay Fibre for the nationwide roll out of Ultrafast Broadband.   Fibre is the future, and huge amounts of time and money are being ploughed into this program.   In part there is literally a land grab going on, with the investment markets supporting an independent network sector of many regional #altnets who are being selected to build out fibre in defined areas.   Some choose to focus on wholesale services, while others engage directly with consumers in the retail space.   For both approaches, the challenge it to drive adoption by […]

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